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A man who was impersonating a police officer mistakenly pulls over an officer wearing a full uniform

A drunk home invader is found frying chicken in homeowners kitchen

A woman pours her roommate's father's ashes over a police officer's leg

A man who stole a woman's purse runs straight into the long arms of the law, literally

A man steals a police uniform and tries to access drugs at a pharmacy

A woman chokes out a teenage girl after she blocks her view of the fireworks at Disneyland

A man shopping for candy throws a fit after his credit card is rejected, he causes $700 worth of damage to the store

A man pulls out a knife during an altercation, his opponent pulls out a chainsaw

A man has been arrested after he tweeted the police of him punching a donkey on the head, he tweeted the video to th...

A countdown of the weirdest news stories we reported throughout the month of March 2017

Rosey Snyder delivery of Methamphetamine was wrongly delivered to a different address, she picks up the drugs from a...

A man has been arrested after he was pepper-sprayed and threw a steel toed boot at a police officer

Police arrest man dressed as the joker whilst brandishing a sword and wearing a cape

A man decides to eat a plate of pancakes in the middle of a busy road, blocking traffic

A man is arrested after he slid down a 3rd floor hotel laundry chute, injuring his head, he is arrested by the polic...

A woman's boyfriend threw her pet dog off their 7th floor apartment after an argument, he took the dead body of pet ...

A Californian woman dumps bleach over her pet dog after she had an argument with her boyfriend

Mother is assaulted by her daughter with a cheeseburger at Mcdonalds, Daughter escaped police

A man was stopped by the police after he drove the wrong way, police discovered he was drunk and he peed on himself ...

A woman managed to escape her kidnappers by jumping out of a car trunk as it was exiting a gas station

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