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A man on the run from the police uses the drive-thru at a popular fast food burger chain

hairstylist wife attacked her husband with a burrito and pair of scissors after he cooked potatoes for dinner

22-year-old Raven Ashton breaks into a business to eat a sandwich, she passes out on the couch when police came to i...

Yes you're far too late, someone has already beaten you to the punch, the hotdog-hamburger hybrid has been invented!

A teen ordered free water and decided to fill his water cup with soda, police were called to the scene

A woman has been arrested by a police officer after she stole three fries from him

CCTV footage catches a man stealing a $1000 tomahawk from a native American statue inside restaurant

A man fails in his attempt to steal a bag of Cheetos so in retaliation he tries to burn down the entire gas staion

A Waiter at Little Red Barn Steakhouse shoots 3-times in the air after being put in a headlock by a customer

Three men almost slip away with their lucrative plan

KFC is giving away sunscreen which gives off the scent of fried chicken

Yep, the pimple popping fad has gone deeper into the levels of absurdity

Pregnant Wendy's worker fight back attackers over argument involving straws

Man covers himself in powdered sugar before stealing beer

Video of Dunkin Donut employee dropping donuts on the floor in Mendon

KFC India unveil a new box meal for those who need to recharge their appetite and their phone

Three women are arrested for attacking worker in parking lot after receiving a "slow service"

Will you be able to find the golden chicken nugget?

A man conducts a potentially dangerous experiment of deep frying water

A $125 vodka made from the foggy mists of San Francisco

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