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A man has been arrested he placed various items underneath women's car tires, to see them bend over and pick them up...

Man attempts to rob the closed KFC, Points gun at employees in an attempt to force her to reopen the restaurant

A police officer manages to apprehend a suspect caught in the act, as he takes him down with a tin of beans

A woman in a heated argument poops on the floor and flings it at a Tim Horton's employee

A female intruder was caught by the homeowner taking a bath whilst eating all her Cheetos

A burglary suspect is wanted by the police after he took part in a robbery, whilst disguised as a 6 pack of water bo...

A man broke into a strangers garage and made a cup of coffee, the homeowner discovered him inside enjoying his fresh...

A man attempted to rob a KFC, bizarrely, whilst wearing socks on his hands

Man arrested for driving under the influence after he was found passed out at a bank drive-thru after thinking he wa...

A woman is charged with battery after an argument over whether McDonald's uses fresh bacon or not

A viral video shows a woman climbing through a drive-thru window, she manages to steal food, a drink, and money

A man beats his friend with a golf club and stabs him in the chest after he ate a slice of his pizza

After an argument with an 7 Eleven worker, she later returned and launched a nacho cheese attack against the employe...

Ex-coworkers ask the man,'Cleveland, is that you?', suspect replies 'No, it's not me,'

A man tries to hide in a KFC after he robs a bag full of money from a bank

A woman dials 911 after a restaurant did not cook her chicken nuggets quick enough

A man with bags of cocaine in his car bribes a police officer with free Taco Bell, the police officer passes on his ...

A woman was arrested after she falsely claimed her husband hit her but she was actually mad that he didn't buy her i...

A drunk home invader is found frying chicken in homeowners kitchen

A man decides to eat a plate of pancakes in the middle of a busy road, blocking traffic

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