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Why? because the drunken driver wanted to cover himself head to toe with the perfume

A crazed man claims to be a Vampire whilst he attacks a grocery store worker

A teenager from Florida has been arrested after he allegedly beat his grandmother to death after she hid his beer

A drunken man repeatedly calls 911 and asks a series of weird questions which lead to his arrest

Two women have been arrested on drug charges after they posted a sign on their door stating snitches will be searche...

A man in Seattle has put himself behind bars after revealing to the police that he is the owner of a briefcase stuff...

A naked Floridian Man Broke into a home bit the resident and later died in hospital

A woman calls the police to inform them of a bomb, in an attempt to keep her boyfriend from completing a urine test

A vaporizer pen explodes in a ladies handbag whilst she was shopping at the mall on the 15th anniversary of 9/11

A man wearing a dress robs a pharmacy and then shoots the pharmacist

A Russian burglar breaks into a restaurant and manages to fall asleep while attempting to steal

An intoxicated man is arrested after he mistakes a police car for a taxi, the police discover he has outstanding war...

A freak accident reveals criminal activity occurring in a residential housing estate

A dad burns sons weed after a fight with his son, enraged son then calls police in search of justice

A drunk Quebec man plunges himself into a river to escape the police

Dude, is this Irony?

A drunk man poops on self-checkout scanner after he strips naked

South Carolina man applies for loan from a loans company to buy Meth

A Georgia father, Marcus Daniel Allen, has been found passed out drunk next to his intoxicated toddler

Shaun Cummins was highly intoxicated when he fired a shot into a bathroom because the person inside was taking too l...

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