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An armed robber is deterred by the steely calmness of cashier

Suspected homeless man shoves a bag of poop down woman's pants in bizarre attack

Man's hand won't stop shaking whilst robbing a convenience store

Ricky Hand whilst in court for a string of robberies attempts to fling poop at judge

A Russian prisoner is caught making his escape out of a prison from the food slot on his cell door

Man breaks into convenience store and steals a roll of lotto tickets, comes back later to claim his winnings

Shannon Kirkley has been arrested after stealing thousands of dollars worth of Star Wars Lego’s from Toys “R” ...

Video released of 47 prisoners escaping from a Brazilian prison

8 men are caught on surveillance footage robbing a jewellery store in India

A man manages to make an escape from a prison via bicycle, returns 3 hours later in an SUV to pick up friends

A stolen 14-ton construction vehicle is used in a smash and grab of an ATM outside of an bank

An Australian woman withdrew the money due to a glitch in the systems the courts are deciding if it's even her fault

Landlord, Brooke Skoda-Kempton steals dog named Isis turns herself into the Marion police in a Limo

Firefighter & son of former town mayor, Lawson Michael Schalm is charged with starting 18 fires in Mayerthorpe, Albe...

Ronnie Lee Neeley Shoot 16-year-old after he sees them throw toilet paper on neighbours front lawn

Fred Foreman chases Alexander Hockett to a pub when he hears his sad story he decides to buys him a pint

Man believing his house has been broken into goes all Rambo on the furniture and walls then leaps out of a window

A thief wears distinctive Minnie Mouse gloves which help link him to the crime

Brazillian Bank robbers cover themselves in tin foil before attempting to rob a bank

A woman is caught on a texas funeral-home video showing her stealing rings from a corpse of an old lady

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