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A bank robbery suspect was easily tracked by the police after he handed his ID card to the bank teller

A man allegedly disrobed a jogging woman and ran away with her shorts whilst waving them over his head

Melissa E Allen was caught stealing over $1,100 worth of goods whilst 65 cops were participating in a charity event

Joseph Vaglica broke into a woman's home in the nude, tries on her clothes and rolls round in the mud

A prisoner punched a correctional officer after a 9-month stint, he was placed back into his jail cell after the ass...

A burglar who used his victim's toilet was traced by the police through the DNA in his stool

A wanted man requested the South Wales police to take down his unflattering mugshot on a Facebook post made on their...

A bank robber $4,700 but a red dye pack exploded which made him strip naked and throw his earnings in the streets

A robber and a store owner have a sword and broom handle fight, who won? Find out now

A security guard makes an attempt to pull over a real officer by flashing a badge at the cop, it doesn't go as he pl...

A baggy jean wearing thief packed his pants with 15 motor oil bottles and 30 DVDs

The police have arrested a Californian woman of robbing a bank whilst wearing a drawn on fake beard

A man mocks the way a man suffering from cerebral palsy walks into a convenience store before punching him

A man suspected being involved in a shooting defecates on a search warrant placed on a chair

A robber hands a handwritten note to a cashier, and hilarity ensues soon after

A man who was impersonating a police officer mistakenly pulls over an officer wearing a full uniform

A man who stole a woman's purse runs straight into the long arms of the law, literally

No only is a burglar caught stealing on cam, the burglar steals the cam

A female house burglar pushed her excrement in the face of homeowner after she was confronted

A man allegedly made a false report to the police claiming he got robbed so he didn't have to go to work

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