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Intoxicated Melissa Rae Tomesh was found passed out on the side of a road whilst breastfeeding her child.

A convenience store has been struck by a wave of unruly children who stole candy, soda, and ice cream

People carrying loaded weapons and children kicking seats a whilst watching a movie don't mix

A kidnapper tries to take four-year-old girl in broad daylight in front of her mother

Parents try and dodge the restaurant bill but forget their child at the restaurant

West Virginian couple arrested after they try to sell their baby for $500 to $1000 to neighbours

Mother reports the disappearance of her daughter and blames it on her daughter's father

6-year-old calls 911 after noticing his dad running red lights in his mom's brand new car

7-year-old boy tries to stop armed robbers by punching them

A video of Police Brutality towards a student has surfaced online

An Alabama student dies while playing tug of war during her schools 'Field day'

Vinny Desautels, for 2 years has been growing his hair to donate to cancer patients, has been diagnosed with cancer

Two Safe Haven Baby Drop-off boxes have been installed in Indiana for mothers who don't want their infants

A 9-year-old boy helps his future parents in acquiring enough funds to adopt him

A new trending topic from japan has emerged where the lines on a babies arm are compared to that of a loaf of bread

A 13-month-old is rescued from a hot car whilst the baby's mother and her friend audition in a nearby strip club

A cute 3-year-old boy transforms into a pipe-wielding thug when his grandma is confronted by authorities

The synchronised swimming team hired a male stripper as a joke for their annual banquet

Students neck is sliced after a prop razor actually cuts two students throats during the live performance

Two-year-old found with small octopus stuffed in his throat, suspected to be child abuse from mother's boyfriend

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