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A man behaving confrontational to tourists, climbed playground equipment and told children where babies come from

A New Jersey Superintendent was found to be the mystery pooper who was defecating on the track around the football f...

A man draws a threatening picture on a child's homework, depicting a burning school and the shooting of school child...

A mother, who is a getaway driver, brings her child to a bank robbery at a convenience store

A mom has been arrested after she was spotted towing her kids in a wagon behind her car

A pregnant woman launches a cupcake at the brother after a disagreement, her brother allegedly beats her

A mother has been arrested after she attempted to abandon her 2-year-old, exclaiming 'I can't do it'

A mother beats her children with a broom after only receiving a card for mothers day, she was arrested for child abu...

A cheerleader fakes a robbery so that she doesn't have to return her cheer uniform back to her school

A man sprays a teenage girl's face with bug repellant through a window

A woman chokes out a teenage girl after she blocks her view of the fireworks at Disneyland

A man was arrested after it was discovered he was posing as a student at Cleburne County High School

A homeless man was found naked living in a storage room behind a day care

A mom let her 10-year-old child drive her car, while she live streamed the journey on Facebook

Substitute teacher has been arrested after accusations that he displayed pornographic material to an entire classroo...

A blind man was punched by his relative after he called the man by his real name, Bernard

One brother allegedly shoots and kills his younger brother in a case of mistaken identity

A shop owner publicly shames a thief on facebook after he stole a number of girls magazines, whilst on his hands and...

A former prominent financial advisor faces child abuse charges after forcing a toddler to eat feces as a punishment

A mother hilariously crawls out of her babies room army style in an attempt not to wake her little one up

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