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Man dressed as a pirate claiming to be Captain Jack Sparrow is arrested for burglary

Police arrest man dressed as the joker whilst brandishing a sword and wearing a cape

A Dominican Newspaper made a heinous error by running a picture of actor Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump

A woman has been accused of vandalizing cars with bananas at President Trumps Mar-a-Lago Club

Robin Williams family auctions his entire bicycle collection, the proceeds will support the charities he loved

A hotel guest has a strange request for framed pictures of Jeff Goldblum, hotel marvelously honors guests request

If you ever wondered what too much makeup looks like, well there's no need to wonder no more

Trumps hall of fame star gets a miniature plastic border around it

This is the exact reason why you never trust a woman with too much make-up on

A New Yorker was randomly punched in the face whilst walking down the street, for looking like a disliked celebrity

A new trending topic #MakeAMoviesick has emerged on twitter you have to basically make a movie sick

Indonesian Dangdut singer gets bitten by a Cobra, She keeps keeps singing for 45 minutes before she dies

Bieber refused to meet fans who paid $2000 to meet him, so they had to take a picture with a cardboard cutout instea...

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