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A vengeful Florida man dumps a bucket of human feces an urine as revenge after a manager kicking him out a month pri...

A Florida man is arrested after he threatens a politician on social media

A man who had robbed a Jack In The Box came back and requested a job application, one problem, some employees recogn...

A man break into a business steals a carton of milk, a throw blanket and spends 19 hours wondering lounging

A man shopping for candy throws a fit after his credit card is rejected, he causes $700 worth of damage to the store

A woman gets here arm stuck inside a donation box in an attempt to steal clothes and shoes

Store clerk man handles robber out of the store, the robber tries his luck in another store, the same thing happens

Cards Against Humanity put together a project to dig a giant hole in the ground, they received $100,000 in donations

Canada's immigration website crashes on election night due to heavy traffic after a tipoff of Trump possibly winning

Burger king hilariously dresses up as competitor Macdonalds for haloween

A shopkeeper called the police 7 times and waited 6 hours whilst there was a man with a meat cleaver terrorizing him...

CCTV footage has caught a river of Chinese homebuyers in a mad scramble to buy a sought after property

Ice-cream thieves who have stolen over 100-gallons worth of ice cream are wanted by billionaire grocery chain owner

An unidentified woman trashed a small convenience store for 10 minutes and is currently on the run

Man receives a bad hair cut from hair stylists comes back for a refund gets more than he bargained for

Company in Cambodia unveil their new cloud making machine, which does exactly what it says on the tin

A Thai restaurant gets a tip that all restauranters dream of but it ended the very next day.

A cafe owner has discovered a new way to clear out his customers at closing time

Charles Daniels warns Iran that not all Americans are like their "Flower Child" President Barack Obama

MOXY Hotel in Arizona has a number for you to dial to listen to bedtime stories

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