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A Burglary suspect has been found with a baby alligator in the back seat of his getaway car

Police recover 7 of the 11 missing zoo animals from Sante Fe College's Teaching Zoo, the man accused was arrested fo...

A man who beat his dog told the police that he bit his dog on the ear to establish dominance

A man was spotted kicking a number of swans and kicking a sleeping duck, as he was using his local park as his dojo ...

A woman is accused of shooting her fiances dog dead after he refused her request of cracking her back

A man is caught after he was spotted on multiple occasion stealing bee hives from a property

A Floridian man has been charged with a felony after he slapped the behind of a police horse

A man has been arrested after he tweeted the police of him punching a donkey on the head, he tweeted the video to th...

A woman's boyfriend threw her pet dog off their 7th floor apartment after an argument, he took the dead body of pet ...

A Californian woman dumps bleach over her pet dog after she had an argument with her boyfriend

A deputy received a report of a missing cow, he sets out in search f the farm animal, only to run into a cow in the ...

A man in Florida has been accused of stealing and selling his neighbor's pet monkey

A man claims his dog, named Diesel accidentally shot his girlfriend in the leg whilst she was sleeping

A thousand day old chicks were found by the RSPCA abandoned in a field in England

A man stabs his neighbor's dog over ten times in an attempt to separate the animals from a fight

A drunken man calls the police requesting them what should he do? After a dog eats his hearing aid

A man who received a speeding ticket claimed that the police radar gun caught the deer speeding not him

CCTV: A thief takes a snake out of its cage and proceeds to hide it in his pant leg before leaving the store

A dispatcher alerts the Niagra Falls police that a caller just requested them to stop the winds from blowing because...

A man from Florida has been arrested after his family member caught him having sex with his dog, she claims it went ...

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