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Kelly Leroy

Bank Robber Prefers Jail Over Staying Home With...

Court documents show a man decided to rob a bank as he couldn't bare living at home with his wife

Woman Puts Out Cigarette In Her Boyfriends Eye

Cindy Underwood out her cigarette in her boyfriend's eye after an argument, boyfriend claims he can't see

Guest Requests Framed Pictures Of Jeff Goldblum

A hotel guest has a strange request for framed pictures of Jeff Goldblum, hotel marvelously honors guests request

Typhoon Winds Push Over Truck

Typhoon Megi has left a trail of carnage, here are some of the most bizarre standout moments

Suspect Eating Stolen Sandwich Passes Out When ...

22-year-old Raven Ashton breaks into a business to eat a sandwich, she passes out on the couch when police came to in...

Hiv Positive Man Bleeds On Victim

HIV positive James Clinton Houser intentionally bleeds on women after assaulting her

911 Operator Charged For Hanging Up On Callers

Crenshanda Williams hung up on callers because ain't nobody got time for this. For real.

Learner Driver Gives Police Officers A Ride

Police responding to an emergency a helped by a learner driver to reach their destination

Giant Spider Carries Mouse

A hungry giant spider is seen carrying a mouse for its dinner

Man Chopped Toe Off With Bolt Cutters And Ate I...

a man is spotted inside a shop cutting his toe off with bolt cutters and proceeding to eat it in front of horrified c...

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