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Kelly Leroy

Man Calls 911 To Ask How Many Legs An Octopus H...

A drunken man repeatedly calls 911 and asks a series of weird questions which lead to his arrest

Dad Lets Daughter, 4, Tattoo A Strawberry On Hi...

A father lets his four-year-old daughter use his tattoo gun to leave him a small drawing of a strawberry on his arm

Man Steals Gumball Machine From Restaurant

A man from Florida was spotted stealing a gumball machine from a restaurant after claiming to be a repairman

Robber Breaks Into A Garage And Falls Into A Di...

A clumsy robber breaks into a Brazilian garage and doesn't look wherre he's going

Teen Steals Back Jeep He Sold

18-year-old from Canby stole back his jeep due to dissatisfaction with his traded vehicles

People Donated $100,000 To Dig A Big Hole For N...

Cards Against Humanity put together a project to dig a giant hole in the ground, they received $100,000 in donations

Exotic Dancers Wield Stilettos In Fight

Two exotic dancers have been arrested after fight strip club employees

Workers Buy Wii U For Boy Who Came In To Play E...

Best Buy workers buy a Christmas gift for a boy who came in to play the display model of Wii U every day.

Granny Steals Christmas On Cctv

Granny is spotted stealing packages from outside of victims front porch

Man Cheats With A Another Woman, Claims He Was ...

A man gives a false police report of a robbery to stop his wife from discovering he slept with another woman

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