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Dannette Romy

Six Year Old Girl Takes On Axe Wielding Burglar

A six year old tries to protect her family during a robbery as seen in this dramatic CCTV footage

Driver Calls Police To Tell Them To Stop Chasin...

A driver,Bruce Dewey, who was currently in a police chase dialed them to stop pursuing him

Naked Man Breaks Into Home, Bites Woman, Then D...

A naked Floridian Man Broke into a home bit the resident and later died in hospital

Dad Ties Daughter's Hair To Trolley

A father is wanted after a recording of him dragging his daughter around a supermarket with a trolley by her hair, we...

Man Brings A Stick To A Stick Up

A man with a huge piece of lumber robs a 7-eleven in Philadelphia

Father And Son Fight Over Legos

Nicholas Melice Senior throws out his 19-year-old son's lego set, triggering a violent altercation between the pair

Creepy Clowns Charged With Child Neglect

Two creepy clowns are spotted in Menasha, it is found out they left their child home alone to pull a prank

Burger King Dresses Up As Mcdonalds For Hallowe...

Burger king hilariously dresses up as competitor Macdonalds for haloween

Thief Breaks Into Car To Steal Kit Kat Bar

A student leaves his tempting chocolate bar in his car, it is stolen and replaced with an apology note left behind by...

The Police's Lassoing Bumper For Car Chases

The Grappler is introduced to police chases, its purpose is to grab the back of evading criminals vehicles

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