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Dannette Romy

Drunk Russian Burglar Falls Asleep At The Scene...

A Russian burglar breaks into a restaurant and manages to fall asleep while attempting to steal

The Awesome Majestic Sight Of A Firenado!

When a tornado meets a forest fire we get the awesomely sounding and possibly destructive Firenado!

Man Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding

Florida sheriff is pulled over for speeding by civilian

Sunscreen That Smells Like Kfc?

KFC is giving away sunscreen which gives off the scent of fried chicken

3 Men Steal $1m Worth Of Barbequed Eels

Three men almost slip away with their lucrative plan

You Wont Believe Whats Inside This Man's Fridge...

A man takes an epic journey into the cold depths of his fridge

Transit Officer Saves Suicidal Man

A transit officer pulls a man from a train track seconds before a train approaches

Man Rides Unicycle On Top Of Tall Chimney

Watch this daredevil undergo an extremely dangerous stunt 256 meters above the ground, not for the faint of heart!

Man Rides An Ostrich Through Traffic

A man rides a tamed ostrich through a busy Kazakhstani road

Man Uses Wanted Picture In Facebook Profile, Ar...

A Floridian man uses a wanted picture as his Facebook Profile picture, he manages to aid the police in his arrest

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