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Dannette Romy

Pimple Popper Cupcakes

Yep, the pimple popping fad has gone deeper into the levels of absurdity

Man Throws Fake Bomb Into Police Vehicle

A man has been arrested after throwing a fake bomb into a police car in the middle of Manhattan

Truck Collides With Moving Train

Fatal train and truck collision caught on CCTV

Walmart Thief Escapes On Mobility Scooter

A man makes his great getaway attempt on his electric scooter and managed to evade capture

Bikers Block Motorway, Police Want Bikes

Biker's gather in their hundreds and block a motorway, police now threaten to seize their vehicles

Car Crashes Into House, Cannabis Factory Expose...

A freak accident reveals criminal activity occurring in a residential housing estate

Elevated Buses Unveiled In China

The new Congestion friendly buses are being taken out for a test drive

Drunk Man Arrested After Confusing Cop Car For ...

An intoxicated man is arrested after he mistakes a police car for a taxi, the police discover he has outstanding warr...

Man Smuggles Turtle On Plane Hidden In Burger

A man attempts to get his favorite pet on a plane disguising it as a KFC burger

Man Scales Trump Tower Using Suction Cups

A man is spotted scaling the trump tower using large suction cups, eventually stopped by the police

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