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Dannette Romy

Dunkin Donut Employee Drops Donuts On The Floor...

Video of Dunkin Donut employee dropping donuts on the floor in Mendon

Evictee Pours Bucket Of Slurry Into Pool

Man is evicted from mobile home park, pours bucket of brown slurry into communal pool

Sikh Man Saves Swimmer From Drowning Using Turb...

A Sikh man unravels his turban and uses it as rope to save the life of a struggling swimmer

Calm Seller Scares Off Robber

An armed robber is deterred by the steely calmness of cashier

Man With Scoliosis Robs Store

Don't turn your back on this thief!

Ceiling Collapse Kills Three

A ceiling collapse at a wedding ceremony kills three people injuring 30

Skunks Head Stuck In Coffee Cup

The video depicts the danger of litter for wild animals

Man Wants Racists To Send Him Back To Africa

A black man creates a Gofundme so racists can send him back to Africa

Thieves Steal From Charity Using Fire Extinguis...

Thieves attempt to block cameras of a charity using a fire extinguisher and black bags

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