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Dannette Romy

Mother Punched Son Over Wrong Burrito Order

A West Virginian woman punched her son after receiving the wrong toppings on her burrito

13-year-old Dies Playing Tug-of-war At School

An Alabama student dies while playing tug of war during her schools 'Field day'

Tv Reporter Arrested For Pooping On Yard During...

TV reporter Jonathan Lowe pooped on someone's yard and they called the police

Rejected Motorist Throws Golf Balls At Woman Wh...

A video clip has surfaced online of a man driving past a woman throwing golf balls at her after being turned down

Man Successfully Deep Fries Water

A man conducts a potentially dangerous experiment of deep frying water

Cheetah With A Gopro

Wildlife experts place a GoPro camera on the back of a cheetah running a high speed

Man Applies For A Loan To Buy Meth

South Carolina man applies for loan from a loans company to buy Meth

A Very Sticky Japanese Advertisement

Watch how a cockroach trap immobilizes a scientist, a sprinter and a sumo

Boy Calls Police After Dad Runs Red Light

6-year-old calls 911 after noticing his dad running red lights in his mom's brand new car

Couple Arrested After Trying To Sell Baby For $...

West Virginian couple arrested after they try to sell their baby for $500 to $1000 to neighbours

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