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Dannette Romy

Unwanted Baby Drop Off Boxes Installed In India...

Two Safe Haven Baby Drop-off boxes have been installed in Indiana for mothers who don't want their infants

Woman Caught For Withdrawing $4.4m After Bank G...

An Australian woman withdrew the money due to a glitch in the systems the courts are deciding if it's even her fault

Contouring For Grandmas

This is the exact reason why you never trust a woman with too much make-up on

Students Caught Using Spy Gadgets To Cheat On M...

Students at a Thai university have been caught using camera glasses & smartwatches to cheat on their medical exams

Drunk Toddler Found Near Passed Out Dad

A Georgia father, Marcus Daniel Allen, has been found passed out drunk next to his intoxicated toddler

Pizza Hut Deliver To The Top Of Mount Kilimanja...

At first glance I don't think this delivery took just 30 minutes

Man Holds On To A Helicopter As It Takes Off

A Kenyan Man holds on to the landing skis of a helicopter as it takes off in an act of protest

Religious Painting Stolen From Church

Elderly man steals a religious painting from a Manhattan Church in Broad daylight

Man Stacks 3 Trucks On Top Of Each Other Down F...

A man from china had a genius idea to speed his transporting times

Mile-long Pizza Made To Break The Longest Pizza...

Chefs from Naples combined their efforts to break the longest pizza world record

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