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Dannette Romy

Attempted Suicide: Man Shoots Himself 3 Times W...

Maine man Daniel Abbott tried to kill himself on the highway using a flare gun, is in critical condition in hospital

High School Basketball Star Found To Be 30 Year...

Johnathan Nicola who posed as a 17-year-old has been arrested after discovering he is actually 30-years-old

Estimates Of $100,000 A Year From Personalised ...

People are going wild for 'Bananas Gone Wild' a company which sells personalised bananas

9-year-old Sells Lemonade For His Own Adoption

A 9-year-old boy helps his future parents in acquiring enough funds to adopt him

Make A Movie Sick

A new trending topic #MakeAMoviesick has emerged on twitter you have to basically make a movie sick

Man Drinks Beer Through His Nostrils

Chinese man uploads a video of him downing a glass of beer through his nostrils

Homemade Hoverbike

Colin Furze uploads a video of his homemade hoverbike on to Youtube

Man Arrested After Punching A Pregnant Endanger...

A video has surfaced online of a man attacking a popular pregnant seal

Muslim/jewish Couple Experiment

Muslim Man & a Jewish lady walk in a Jewish community whilst A Jewish Man & a Muslim Lady walk in a Muslim community

Double Headed Dragon! I Mean Lizard...

A video Of A Double Headed Lizard eating its prey has surfaced online, it is amazing

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