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Baby Alligator Found In Burglary Suspect's Car

A Burglary suspect has been found with a baby alligator in the back seat of his getaway car

Grant Davis Belcher
Grant Davis Belcher, Orange County Jail

 On Sunday, July 8th, a 32-year-old burglary suspect, Grant Davis Belcher, was caught in his getaway car with a baby alligator in the back seat.

The incident began at approximately  2:30 am, witnesses stated that they spotted Grant lurking around a parked Ford F-350 truck, located in Sandy Creek Lane in Orange County, Florida. He allegedly broke into the truck but the trucks car alarm went off, which caused grant to flee from the truck and escape in his Chevy Impala driven by a woman later identified as 30-year-old Megan Forbes.

The couple headed toward East Colonial Drive, they drove through two gates on East River High School property while the school was closed. the police caught up to the duo and arrested the suspects. The police found a baby alligator sitting in the backseat of the getaway car, its mouth was taped up. belcher reported tot he police that he had acquired the alligator from a friend and he was going to release it into the water.

Grant Davis Belcher was charged with burglary of a conveyance, trespassing on school grounds and alligator poaching. He is being held in Orange County Jail with a $1750 bond.

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