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Man Kicks Swans And A Duck While Practicing Karate

A man was spotted kicking a number of swans and kicking a sleeping duck, as he was using his local park as his dojo

Rocco Joseph Mantella
Rocco Joseph Mantella, Orlando Police Department

On Thursday, April 26th, 34-year-old Rocco Joseph Mantella was arrested after witnesses spotted him kicking a number of water birds whilst practicing karate, the location of his mock-up dojo was Lake Eola in Orlando, Florida.

The arrest report revealed at approximately 9:20 am, multiple witnesses spotted Rocco practicing karate in Lake Eola Park. Witnesses revealed that he kicked two swans in the head and was suspected of kicking another swan in the backside. Witnesses stated that he kick the swans “as hard as possible.”

A separate witness claimed to have seen Rocco kick a small duck whilst is was sleeping.

After seeing the reaction of a woman when he kicked the waterfowl, he laughed.

The police were called to the scene and Rocco Joseph Mantella was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, he is being held on a $1000 bond. Three days prior, on Tuesday, Rocco was arrested for trespassing on property after being given a warning.

Officials said they are monitoring the conditions of the swans.

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