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Woman Shoplifts In Front Of 65 Police Officers

Melissa E Allen was caught stealing over $1,100 worth of goods whilst 65 cops were participating in a charity event

Melissa E Allen
Melissa Allen, Framingham Police Department

On Tuesday evening, December 19th, 32-year-old Melissa E Allen was caught stealing over $1,100 worth of merchandise from a Target, located at Framingham, Massachusetts, whilst there was 65 police officer present.

Target on 400 Cochituate Rd was the location of a charity event titled, “Shop with a Cop”, where sixty-five uniformed police officers  went around the store shopping with 165 local school children.

As Melissa entered the store, she noticed the heavy police presence and even spoke to some of the police participating in the event, she went to the garbage bin aisle and grabbed a Rubbermaid bin. She browsed through the store and filled the bin with $1,105.40 worth of merchandise, including stolen jewelry. Even with the police presence the Framingham Police Department did not notice her committing the crime but an employee spotted her trying to leave with the stolen goods, the police werre quickly notified and Mellissa was apprehended.

Melissa E Allen was arrested and charged with giving a false name to police, larceny and resisting arrest. The next day she told police officers that she swallowed a bag of drugs, she was quickly taken to a hospital. the judge set her bail at $250.

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