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Surfer Attempts To Surf To The Atlantic Ocean To Avoid Arrest

Justice Hunter Cureton assaulted other surfers by throwing beer cans at them, he surfs away to avoid arrest

Justice Hunter Cureton, Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

On Saturday, October 14th, 20-year-old Justice Hunter Cureton threw beers at beachgoers at Wabasso Beach Park located in Vero Beach, Florida. he surfed away from arrest when police arrived.

Indian River County Sheriff's office reported that the incident began when Justice hurled abuse at a new surfer who was trying to catch some waves at Wabasso beach. Justice became angry at the newer surfers taking up all the room in the water. He yelled at the victim an told him to leave, he threw a beer can at him, hitting him in the face.

The victim reported, “surfers tend to get upset when new surfers go to the beach,”.

The victim called the police whilst Justice fled into the ocean on his surfboard. The police arrived and attempted to call Justice out of the water, lifeguards attempted to get his attention but he did not turn around and kept surfing. After several minutes of ignoring deputies and avoiding arrest justice swam back to shore. Officers reported that he smelt of alcohol.

Justice Hunter Cureton was arrested and charged with Misdemeanor Battery but not charged with avoiding arrest, he was booked into Indian River County Jail and held on a $500 bond.

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