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Felony Charge For Man Spanking Police Horse

A Floridian man has been charged with a felony after he slapped the behind of a police horse

Casey Martin Waldner
Casey Martin Waldner, Orange County Jail

On Sunday, October 22nd, 29-year-old Casey Martin Waldner of San Diego, California, slapped the behind of a police horse whilst an officer was riding on top, startling the horse causing it to spin around.

At approximately 2:30 a.m Casey was spotted walking on the 100 block of North Orange Avenue near Washington Street, in Florida. Officers who were riding on top of police horses, saw Casey walk behind Izzy, Officer Warren was mounted on top. Casey proceeded to spank Izzy's behind startling the horse causing it to spin around.

The two police officers attempted to talk to Waldner but when they approached him, he ran away. Casey was later apprehended after spotted leaving a nearby parking lot, the arresting officer found a bag of cocaine on his person.

The 13-year-old police horse, Izzy, has been with the Orlando Police Department for five years. Fortunately, Izzy did not need veterinary care after the incident.

Casey Martin Waldner was arrested and charged with a felony of injuring a police horse, resisting arrest without violence and cocaine possession. he has been booked into Orange County Jail, with a $1,250 bail.

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