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Mother Brings Child To Armed Robbery

A mother, who is a getaway driver, brings her child to a bank robbery at a convenience store

Christina Gaud
Christina Gaud, Marion County Sheriff's Office

On Friday, July 28th, 30-year-old Christina Gaud was the getaway driver for 33-year-old Rodney Snow who carried out an armed robbery at Citgo convenience store located in Ocala, Florida, Christina had her 10-year-old child in her car during the armed robbery.

The police received a report of an armed robbery at a convenience store located at the intersection of State Road 200 and South West 80th Street. Detectives of Marion County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene of the robbery they spotted Rodney fleeing from the store and getting into a getaway vehicle. Christina waasd the getaway driver and aided Rodney in escaping from the robbery, the police gave chase. Christina drove off for a short distance before crashing her vehicle near the 7900 block of South West 80th Street.

The police discovered that Christina was in her car with her 10-year-old daughter seated as a passenger 

Rodney ran into a wooded area near the crash site, police caught up to him and surrounded him, Rodney shot himself. Paramedics transported Rodney to a local hospital where he is in critical condition in the Intensive Care Unit.

Christina Gaud was arrested and charged with a felony child neglect and principal to an armed robbery, she is being held in Marion County Jail without bond. Her child  was not injured and was taken into the care of the Department of Families and Children

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