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Man Lies About Shooting, So Cops Help Find His Phone

A man claims a woman was shot, in a guise to get the police to help him find his cell phone

Eric Ross
Eric Ross, Volusia County jail

On Sunday, July 16th, 23-year-old Eric Ross of Daytona Beach, Florida, was arrested after he called the police claiming a woman was shot, all in an attempt to get the police to help find his phone.

At approximately at 12:24 PM, the police arrived at Bel Aire Drive in response to an emergency call of a woman being shot, the caller, Eric, claimed that the attacker was still in the vicinity with a gun. Eric told the dispatcher that he was walking past the house when the shooting started, he insisted that there were children inside the home at the time. Eric reported that he was waiting in the house opposite and he could see the woman laying on her front yard gasping for air.

When the police arrived they apprehended a man they believed to be the shooter but let him go after they discovered the report of a shooting was a lie.

The residence of the false shooting had three adults and 11 children inside, none of whom were in danger or claimed to have heard any gunshots. The residence of the home stated that Ross complained that his phone was in their home, the resident stated that it was not, Ross was pushed out of the home when he attempted to make his way inside.

Eric Ross was arrested and charged with misuse of 911 and unarmed burglary for trying to enter the residence. he is being held in Volusia County jail without bond.

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