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Robbery Suspect Applies For Job After Robbery

A man who had robbed a Jack In The Box came back and requested a job application, one problem, some employees recognized him

Korey Terell Powell
Korey Terell Powell, Tulsa County Jail

On Saturday, June 17th, 27-year-old Korey Terell Powell robbed two stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a couple hours later he returned to one of the stores and requested a job application but was recognized the employees.

On Saturday morning, Korey entered a Jack in the Box located near East 41st Street, he implied that he had a gun and managed to rob the fast food place. He went down the street to Mid-K Beauty Supply store, he used the same tactics telling an employee that he had a gun and didn't want any trouble.

Korey managed to get away with the crime until he decided to turn over a new leaf. A few hours later he returned to the Jack In The Box and requested a job application. The employees recognized the man as the robbery suspect from earlier, the employees detained the man and held him until the police arrived.

Korey Terell Powell was charged with two counts of armed robbery, he was booked into Tulsa County Jail.

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