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Police Called After Chicken Nuggets Not Cooked Fast Enough

A woman dials 911 after a restaurant did not cook her chicken nuggets quick enough

Police called after chicken nuggets not cooked fast enough
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On Friday, June 9th, Officers of the Waco Police Department, based in Waco, Texas, were called out to a fast food restaurant at the request of a woman who had not had her chicken nuggets cooked fast enough.

At approximately 11 pm, the Waco Police Department's emergency line rang, on the other end of the phone call was a woman in distress, her location? She was at a drive thru of an undisclosed fast food restaurant requesting for the emergency services, Why? The fast food workers did not fry her chicken nugget fast enough, sigh.

The call took up the services of two police officers to deal with, the woman was insisting to the fast food workers that she should receive the chicken nuggets for free as the workers did not cook them in a timely manner. the fast food workers decided to give the woman's money back and deny her services of the eatery, politely telling her to move along.

Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton stated, "Management worked with her, gave [the customer] her money back, and we asked her to move along,"

The woman's name was not released.

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