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Baggy Jeans Thief Caught With 45 Items

A baggy jean wearing thief packed his pants with 15 motor oil bottles and 30 DVDs

William Jason Hall
William Jason Hall, Polk County Sheriff's Office

On Thursday, June 1st, 38-year-old William Jason Hall managed to stuff 45 items from a 7-Eleven based on Duff Road in Lakeland, Florida, he almost got away with it but a police officer spotted William place all the items in his pants from the parking lot.

On Thursday afternoon William walked into the 7-eleven wearing his moneymaking baggy blue jeans. He made his way towards the motor oil section along the first aisle, he began to place 15 quart-sized bottles of Pennzoil into his jeans, all of which magically managed to fit. Outside in the parking lot was Detective Phil Ryan, who sitting in an unmarked patrol car, he managed to see the entire incident.

William moved along to the DVD section, he dropped a bunch of DVDs on the floor, began to stack them up and then stuffed them in his pants. Baggy pant wearing William left the store without paying for the items in his pants and walked towards his vehicle.

Detective Ryan jumped out of his vehicle, saying to the brazen thief, "I don't think so," and asking him something along the lines of, "Are those movies and bottles of motor oil in your pants?" 

William was made to march back into the store by the detective, he placed all of his stolen goods on the cashier's desk. The DVD's stolen were an assortment of "Treasure Hunt!" movies.

William Jason Hall was arrested and charged with petit theft, this was Williams third petit theft charge, making this incident a felony.

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