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Mother Beats Children After Receiving Only A Card On Mothers Day

A mother beats her children with a broom after only receiving a card for mothers day, she was arrested for child abuse

India Tonetta Martin
India Tonetta Martin, Jacksonville County Sheriff's Office

On Mothers Day, Sunday, May 14th, 42-year-old India Tonetta Martin received an unwanted gift from her two daughters, she proceeded to attack them until the police were involved.

Jacksonville County Sheriff's Office received a call at approximately 9:30 pm regarding a domestic dispute, the police arrived at India's home, at Oriole Street, Jacksonville, Florida. The investigating officer spoke to one of India's daughters she told the officer that her mother was mad that all she received for the holiday was a card. in a fit of rage her mother began to throw items around their apartment, she grabbed a metal broom and began to beat one of her daughters on her arms and legs repeatedly.

Another daughter tried to save her sister India punched her in the mouth and pulled her hair back. India' ordered the children to clean the apartment but the children protested, India told the children to leave her house, where they waited for the police to arrive.

One of the children had visible swelling and bruising on her lips, the other child had two large welts on her left arm.

India Tonetta Martin was arrested, charged with two counts of child abuse, she was booked into Duval County jail and held on a $30,000 bond, she was released after posting her bond.

After the news broke India who worked at Ed White High School, was fired Tuesday.

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