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Stalker Steals Underwear, Leaves His Own

A stalker has been arrested after stealing his female neighbor's underwear and left underwear he stolen on her porch

Isitro Lee Sanches
Isitro Lee Sanches, Bay County Sheriff's Office

58-year-old Isitro Lee Sanches, of Panama City, Florida, has been suspected of stalking and burglarizing his neighbors home, after numerous instances of his female neighbor's underwear going missing and turning up on her doorstep with handwritten notes.

The underwear thieving incident began on January 14th, where she found ladies undergarments in her vehicle, a few days later on the 17th she found a second pair of underwear left on the railing of her porch outside her house, accompanied by a handwritten note, which expressed the desire to see the victim wearing the underwear..

Over a month later on March 3rd the victim's home was burglarized, her underwear was removed from her bedroom, some of which was stolen and some of which were scattered on her front porch.

A similar incident occurred on April 13th but the victim's boyfriend caught the Isitro in the act. The victim's boyfriend confronted Isitro, subsequently Isitro fled into the woods near the home. Officers of the Bay County Sheriff's Office were able to locate and arrest Sanches, they found the victim's belongings in the home of Sanches when searched.

Isitro Lee Sanches was arrested and charged with Stalking, Burglary of an Unoccupied Dwelling and Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling.

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