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Burglar Fries Chicken And Drinks Vodka

A drunk home invader is found frying chicken in homeowners kitchen

Ronald Gregory Wesly
Ronald Gregory Wesly, Alachua County Jail

On Thursday, April 13th, 34-year-old Ronald Gregory Wesly broke into a home and raided the liquor cabinets, a shocked woman returned home, in Gainesville, Florida, to see the burglar frying chicken in her kitchen.

According to FOX 35, Ronald broke into Samantha O'Neal's home after she had left for work on Thursday morning. Ronald had raided the liquor cabinets and was drunk off vodka.

Samantha returned back home with her sister and a friend when they spotted Ronald in the kitchen frying chicken. Immediately after seeing Ronald Samantha screamed and attempted to remove drunk Ronald from her home, Samantha stated that, "I just wanted him off the property, so I picked him up and threw him out the gate."

Ronald Gregory Wesly was arrested and charged with burglary, he was booked into to the Alachua County Jail.

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