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Woman Pours Urn Ashes Over Officer

A woman pours her roommate's father's ashes over a police officer's leg

Gladys Jeanie Renee Payne

On Tuesday, March 7th, 52-year-old Gladys Jeanie Renee Payne was arrested outside of her trailer home when she poured her roommate's dead father's ashes over a police officer's leg and foot.

Panama City News Herald reported the incident began the day before Glady's arrest, when a man who had been living with Gladys, in her trailer, located at 7000 block of Northwood Street in Youngstown, had been arrested for a separate incident. He contacted his sister to collect his belongings from Gladys' trailer including his father's ashes kept inside an urn.

His sister went to collect her brother belongings but Gladys refused to cooperate and threatened to throw the ashes out of the urn on the ground. The roommate's sister contacted the police, the police arrived and questioned Gladys about the urn, she stated that her dogs had taken the urn and dumped the ashes out of the trailer.

Gladys took the officer to the urn, there were no ashes outside of the urn, Gladys noticed so she quickly tried to empty some of the ashes on the ground but the ashes fell onto the officer's left leg and foot.

Gladys Jeanie Renee Payne was arrested and charged with battery on an officer, tampering with evidence and disturbing a tomb, she is being held in Bay County Jail on a $4,000 bail.

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