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Man Punches Donkey On The Head, Tweets Police

A man has been arrested after he tweeted the police of him punching a donkey on the head, he tweeted the video to the police

Lucas Dietrich
Lucas Dietrich, Collinsville Police Department

On Sunday, March 26th, 18-year-old Lucas Dietrich visited Willoughby Farm in Collinsville, Illinois, where he recorded a video of him punching a donkey across the side of its head, he later tweeted the video to the police.

Lucas was attending a birthday party at the farm when the assault occurred. The 18-year-old approached Amore, a 13-year-old miniature Mediterranean donkey. He punched Amore on the side of its head below its right ear. 

He later tweeted the police the video, the video did not show Lucas' face, it only showed an arm punching Amore but Lucas tweeted from his personal twitter account, implicating his alleged involvement in the assault.

The donkey did not sustain any significant damage from the punch.

Lucas Dietrich was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors of cruel treatment of animals and depiction of animal cruelty, he was held in Madison County Jail on a $5,000, he was released on Friday, March 31st.

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