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Man Claims Dog Shot Girlfriend

A man claims his dog, named Diesel accidentally shot his girlfriend in the leg whilst she was sleeping

Dog shoots girlfriend in her sleep
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On Tuesday night, February 22nd, a 25-year-old woman was shot whilst she was sleeping at her West Patou Drive home, located in Jacksonville, Florida, her boyfriend claims that his dog, named Diesel, accidentally shot her.

The boyfriend told Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, that Diesel woke him from his sleep, the boyfriend decided to take him outside. As the man made it outside the room, the dog ran back into the dark bedroom. 

As the man walked back into the bedroom, the room lit up with a flash and a loud bang was heard. Tha man states that the dog must have jumped u[p on tot he nightstand, where his gun was placed and the gun went off. the bullet struck his girlfriend in the leg whilst she was asleep. The boyfriend wrapped a towel around her leg to stop the bleeding.

The girlfriend claims to have not seen what had happened as she was sleeping.

Nobody was charged after the shooting.

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