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Man Makes Up A Robbery To Get Out Of Work

A man allegedly made a false report to the police claiming he got robbed so he didn't have to go to work

Dominque Lewis Jones, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

On the evening of Monday, February 20th, 28-year-old Dominque Lewis Jones allegedly made a false police report claimed he was robbed at a hotel, so he had an excuse not go to work.

At approximately 7:30 pm detectives of a major crime unit and a K-9 unit of St Johnsons Sheriff's office arrived, at the Howard Johnson Inn, located in St Augustine, Florida, after receiving a report of a robbery. Dominique Jones told the police that a man approached him when he exited out of his hotel room the man ordered him to the ground and stole his wallet.

When Dominique was asked to give a description of the assailant he failed to do so. when the deputies asked what direction the robber fled, he was unable to do so.

After further questioning eventually, Dominique admitted to making up the robbery story because he did not want to go work that night.

Dominique Lewis Jones was arrested and charged with filing a false report and misuse of the 911 system, he was placed in St John's County Jail and held on a $2,000 bond.

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