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Man Steals From Toys For Tots Donation Jar, Arrested

A man has handed himself in after he was caught surveillance camera stealing donations intended for toddlers

Zachary Allen Shultz
Zachary Allen Shultz, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

25-year-old Zachary Allen Shultz has admitted to stealing donations intended for buying toys at Christmas for toddlers, from a jar in the Flame broiler, in Jacksonville, Florida. He was also spotted by witnesses from stealing from a tip jar in Tropical Smoothie Cafe located next to the flame broiler restaurant.

In December 2016, surveillance cameras spotted Zachary stealing money from a donations jar, reports reveal that Zachary stole anywhere between $50 - $100.

On Friday 10th February, Police officers were able to arrest Zachary after answering a call about a robbery at Daily's Gas Station. He was identified by one of the cashiers at the Flame Broiler as the thief. Once questioned by the police he stated he didn't know the money was intended for children and he didn't think he stole enough money for it to be a big deal.

During questioning, Zahary said he received his burns from trying to start a fire in his Uncle's home with gasoline causing him to burn himself.

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