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Deputies Fight In Front Of Inmates In Prison

Two prison guards have a tussle with each other inside the detention center, one of them becomes a possible inmate

Joseph Funk
Joseph Funk, Hardin County Sheriff’s Office

On Wednesday, February 8th, Joseph Funk got into a physical altercation with colleague deputy Clennon Smith in front of inmates in  Hardin County Detention Center in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

The fight began with Deputy Jailer Funk and Sheriff's Deputy Smith when smith handed Funk an inmates backpack in an allegedly threatening manner. Funk who was annoyed by the gesture got up and screamed at Smith and went out of his office to confront Smith.

Funk through his arms up in the air, Smith grabbed funk by the throat and threw him against the glass. the pair tussled while other officers tried to separate the fight. The situation was calmed the and the colleagues began to talk to one another before the officer threw each other to the floor and began to fight again.

Reports reveal that the Funk and Smith had issues in the past between one another.

Joseph Funk was suspended with pay, he was charged with assault, menacing and resisting arrest. Clennon Smith was not charged or suspended.

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