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Gang Transform Old Toyotas Into Fake Ferraris

A Spanish gang has been caught trying to sell old Toyotas which have been made to look-a-like Ferraris and Lamborghinis

Fake Ferraris and Lamborghinis
Toyotas to Ferarris, Spanish National Police

On Sunday 12th February, Spanish police arrested three men in connection with beat-down Toyotas being transformed into high-end sports vehicle and then sold to unsuspecting customers online.

Spanish National Police lead the investigation after receiving a report of a vehicle in Benidorm, Spain, that simulated the appearance of a Ferrari but was a fake. The car in question infringed the industrial property rights of the Ferrari brand, sparking the investigation.

The Spanish police traced the car back to a workshop in the municipality of Sils, Catalonia, Spain. In the workshop police found 14 vehicles in different degree of transformation, four of them were several Ferrari models ready for sale. Police discovered stickers and body kits designed to transform the vehicles into replicas of the Ferrari F430.

The vehicles were sold on online for 40,00 Euros($42200).

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