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Woman Dies Trying To Steal Clothes From Donation Box

A woman gets here arm stuck inside a donation box in an attempt to steal clothes and shoes

Judith Permar
Judith Permar, Facebook

On Sunday 5th February, 56-year-old Judith Permar of Mount Carmel got her arm stuck inside a clothes and shoe donation box, located on route 54 in Natalie, Pensylvania, she died from a combination of trauma and hypothermia.

At approximately 2 am Judith arrived at the donation box drop off in her black hummer, she came equipped with a step ladder due to her short stature. She placed the step ladder outside of the clothes drop off climbed up and stuck her arm inside the donation box taking out bags of clothing and placing them on the floor near her car.

The step ladder slipped beneath her feet, whilst Judith had her arm in the box, as the ladder gave way her arm and wrist broke inside the box. She was left dangling on the box for 6 hours before someone spotted her.

Police arrived at approximately 8:30 am, they noticed that the black hummer parked beside the donation box was still running, they pronounce Judith dead at the scene, the coroner later stated she died due to a combination of trauma and hypothermia.

Mount Carmel Township police chief Brian Hollerbush stated, that this wasn't the first report of someone stealing from the bin, the police received a call in November about a woman driving a black Hummer who was taking items from the donation box.

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