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Man Mountain Clerk Throws Out Robber

Store clerk man handles robber out of the store, the robber tries his luck in another store, the same thing happens

Huge clerk throw out robbery suspect in laredo
Clerk vs Robber,  Laredo Police Department

Two robberies occurred in a two week time period suspected by the same person, both times the thief was forcefully escorted out of the store by clerks who were significantly bigger than the suspect.

The robberies occurred on Monday, January 30th and Wednesday, February 8th both at Stripes convenience store, on the 1700 Block of Arkansas, then in February on the 600 block of Washington, Laredo, Texas.

Both robberies occurred at approximately 4 am, the first robbery, the suspect wielded a crowbar, on the second, a baseball bat, he demanded money from the till the workers followed the suspect's orders until in both occasions when the thief threatened the workers they fought back.

In the first robbery, the clerk throws the thief to the floor until he eventually flees the store, in the second the clerk crushes the suspect on the doors before throwing him out of the front entrance.

In the first robbery the suspect managed to leave with over $50 but in the second the thief tried to steal some lighters but fled empty handed.

The robbery suspect is still at large, contact the Laredo Police Department if you have any further information on the crime.

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