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Man Allegedly Attacks Woman With A Guitar

A man is accused of striking a woman with a guitar, the attack struck a chord with the police

Matthew A. Mallozzi
Matthew A. Mallozzi, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

26-year-old Matthew A. Mallozzi allegedly struck a woman with a guitar, punched her and choked her into unconsciousness, at an undisclosed location in Bonton Beach, Florida.

On Thursday 2nd February, Mallozzi got into an argument with the victim at an undisclosed location, the fight was over Mallozzi's friends, who were also staying over in the house.

The woman reported tot he police, that the friends which were staying over were smoking crack and requested them to leave, this ignited the argument between her and Mallozzi. The argument resulted in a fight between the two the lady was struck with a guitar beaten and then choked until unconscious.

The police arrived and found the lady knocked out laying on the driveway.

Matthew A. Mallozzi was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and failing to appear on a misdemeanor warrant, he was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail and held on a $7,000 bond.

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