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Duo Steal Furniture From Amish Store

Two thieves are spotted running out of an Amish store with $3000 worth of chairs on top of their heads

Amish Furniture
Thieves steal Furniture, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office

On Thursday, 2nd February, two thieves were spotted carrying two chairs on top of their heads and running out, it left people wondering if it was a theft or a prank.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office reported that two people who are yet to be identified stole $3,000 worth of furniture from Dutch Crafters Amish Furniture, based in Sarasota, Florida.

The store owner noticed the robbery when he arrived as the two chairs were chained to the front of the store, security footage revealed that the robbers stole the furniture at approximately 4:40 am.

The chairs are part of a set worth up to $2,700.

Sarasota Police are requesting anyone with any knowledge of the offenders to contact the police

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