Taxi Driver Speeding Due To Smelly Flatulence Of Passengers

A taxi driver was caught by traffic police breaking the speed limit due to his customers breaking wind

Fart in a Speeding Taxi
Fart in a Speeding Taxi

On Friday 3rd February, Dorsett Traffic Police posted a story on their Facebook page of a taxi driver speeding through Bournemouth Town Centre, England.

The post read of one of the strangest excuses that the police ever received for a person speeding.

The police whilst in a large marked traffic car, spotted a speeding taxi cab driving through the town center the officers began to follow the vehicle the cab driver failed to spot the tailing police unit.

The police stopped the taxi driver and asked why he was speeding, the taxi driver responded that the three paying passengers in the back had very strong flatulence, so the driver was trying to reach their destination very fast.

The excuse did not stop the taxi driver for receiving a speeding ticket.

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