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Do-gooder Unknowingly Helps Bank Robber In Getaway

A good samaritan unknowingly becomes bank robbers getaway driver, he later helps the police locate him

Shannon Eric Steckbeck
Shannon Eric Steckbeck, West Hempfield Township Police Department

On Monday, 30th January,  51-year-old Shannon Eric Steckbeck robbed Union Community Bank, located in West Hempfield Township, Columbia, Pennsylvania, he was helped by a good samaritan who unknowingly became his getaway driver.

A good samaritan, Greg Keiser met Shannon earlier at the eatery, Union Station Bar in Columbia Borough, soon after conversing with one another he asked him for a ride back to his motel in his black Nissan, Greg obliged to the request, and the duo began their journey towards Shannon's destination.

On the way to the motel Shannon asked Greg if they could stop at Union Community Bank, Greg agreed. Shannon went into the bank and moments later he returned tot he vehicle, Greg unknowing of what transpired left the scene. Shannon later asked Greg to drop him off at a Kmart, located in the Prospect Plaza, along Route 462.

On the way back home Greg noticed multiple police cars outside of the Union Community Bank in which he was stopped at before, curious as to what had happened, Greg spoke to the officers. The police officers told gGreg that they were informed that a middle aged white male entered the bank, demanded money without a weapon, and then left the bank with an undisclosed amount of currency, fleeing in a black Nissan.  No bank employees were harmed during the incident.

Greg came to the realization to what had just occurred.

Shannon was identified as the bank robber and was later caught by the West Hempfield Township police.

Shannon Eric Steckbeck was arrested and charged with robbery, Greg Keiser was not charged

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