Elderly Man Crashes Truck Into Car Parts Store

An elderly man is stopped by the police he accelerates over the curb and crashes into an auto parts store

Car crash into auto shop
Car crash into auto shop, Facebook

On Wednesday 25th  January, An elderly man was spotted driving erratically, the police stopped him outside of a car part store, in Summerville, Chatanooga, Georgia, and that's when all hell broke loose.

The Summerville police department received an alert of a man driving erratically. The police officer spotted the truck which fitted the description of the alert, parked outside of an auto parts store and the officer pulled up behind him.

The police officer walked up beside the truck but the elderly man whose name has not been disclosed put his foot on the pedal, the truck plowed through the curb and drove straight into the store.

An employee was struck in the face by some debris but nobody was injured after the crash.

The elderly man was not charged or arrested for the incident, the estimated cost of the damages has not been released by the car part store.

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