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Burglary Suspect Gets Stuck In Chimney

A burglary suspect gets stuck in a home's chimney, is rescued by firefighters

Keith Allen Schultz
Keith Allen Schultz, Ridgecrest Police Department

On Sunday 29th January, 28-year-old Keith Allen Schultz was found in a chimney after trying to burglarize a home located on the 500 block of West Maime Avenue, Ridgecrest, California, his accomplice called the police to come to rescue him.

A residential alarm was triggered at the location of the burglary, The alarm company received a phone call from a female claiming her friend was stuck in side a chimney and he needs help. Ridgecrest Police Department spoke to the alarm company who informed them of the situation, coincidentally at the same location a burglary alarm had been triggered.

The police were dispatched, when they arrived at the location they saw signs of forced entry, through police investigations they believe that the female accomplice triggered the alarm by trying to help her friend out of the chimney.

The police found Keith stuck inside the chimney, he was freed from the chimney by Kern County Firefighters.

Keith Allen Schultz was arrested and struck with an open charge of burglary, he is currently being held in Kern County Central Receiving Facility in Bakersfield.

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