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Man Calls 911 After A Dog Eats His Hearing Aid

A drunken man calls the police requesting them what should he do? After a dog eats his hearing aid

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Over the weekend a man called the Niceville Police department, located in the town of Niceville, Florida, requesting their aid in retrieving his hearing aid from his dog's stomach.

An intoxicated man called the Niceville Police department three times requesting officers to help him in retrieving his hearing aid from his dog, who had presumably eaten the hearing device.

The first call he made to the police dispatcher was a request for an officer to respond to help him figure out how to retrieve the hearing aid. the second call to the dispatcher canceled the previous request of the officer as the caller had chained the dog in the kitchen and was waiting for the animal to defecate. The third call tot he dispatcher the man stated that his friend didn't want him to do anything to the dog to acquire the hearing aid.

The drunk man was not charged for disrupting police's time but they gave him a non-emergency number which he could use next time.

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