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Man Claims Police Caught Deer Speeding, Not Him

A man who received a speeding ticket claimed that the police radar gun caught the deer speeding not him

Deer Speeding, Dennis Sayers

On Monday 14th November 2016, Dennis Sayers was allegedly caught by officer Royster Johnson of the West Newburyport Police Department, located in Newburyport, Massachusetts, traveling over 40mph in a 30mph zone but Dennis claims that Royster's radar gun caught a running deer.

Dennis Sayers from Haverhill, was caught speeding in a 30mph zone West Newbury, Officer Royster pulled him over on Bachelor Street, where the officer handed him a $105 speeding ticket.

Dennis angry at the ticket appealed and claimed that a deer in the distance was caught by the radar gun and not him.

The appeal was taken to the court on Thursday 26th January, Sayers claimed that he was 100% sure that the officer's radar gun caught a speeding deer and not him, the courtroom broke out in laughter.

Judge Peter Doyle, who ruled over the case, sided with the police officer and Dennis was refined the $105.

Dennis lost his appeal but he may have a point as some deer are known to run speeds of over 45mph.

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